What’s Happening in Chicago in July

We are in the heart of summer, and in Chicago that means good times. With so many events going on this month, it is hard to track them all. Here is a run-down of some of our favorite fairs, festivals, exhibits, and hang outs in Chicago this month.

Chicago July Event Calendar

Navy Pier Fireworks                                                                                     July 4fireworksanimation 13 What’s Happening in Chicago in July

Every year, Navy Pier puts on some of the best fireworks shows in the Midwest. This year will be no exception. Join in with thousands who will be there to watch the lights, and enjoy the carnival experience of being at Navy Pier. The Carousel was closed a few weeks ago, when I was there, but hopefully it will be open on the 4th.

Windy City Ribfest                                                                           July 4-6

If you like ribs, we have a surprise for you. Well, not so much a surprise as an annual tradition. The Windy City Ribfest is held in Uptown each year with “ribbers” coming in from across the nation to serve you BBQ. Bring you bib, and enjoy some of the best ribs in the city.

Taste Of Chicago What’s Happening in Chicago in July

Taste of Chicago                                                                               July 9-13

If we did not mention the Taste of Chicago, we would be doing a disservice to any Chicago tourists. This massive event attracts close to 2 million visitors every year. Grant Park gets taken over with a litmus of amazing Chicago cuisines and sharp tunes. While the prices at the Taste are a bit expensive, you really cannot go wrong with the selection available.

Chicago Tribune Art Fair                                                                July 11-13

This is the 23rd annual Chicago Tribune Art Fair.  Held downtown with over 450 artists’ stalls, 200 restaurants, and 50 hotels participating this year. For those interested in checking out some amazing art this is the place to be.

Chicago Craft Beer Festival                                                             July 19-20

The third annual Chicago Craft Beer festival is a celebration of the best in Chicago breweries. The microbreweries are out in full force, and for a small tasting fee you get to enjoy an amazing selection of beers.

Celebrate Clark Street                                                                      July 19-20

This Rogers Park festival of international music, ethnic foods, circus acts, arts and crafts, and kid friendly entertainment is a blast. A diverse crowd of 30,000 people attend Celebrate Clark Street. Even better, is that you can find food from Senegal, Greece, Latin America, and other regional delicacies.

Country Night Cruises                                                                     July 24, 26

The Spirit of Chicago has some of the best lake cruises at Navy Pier. They up their game at the end of July with their Country Night Cruises. Every night a new country singer croons as you eat and enjoy Lake Michigan with all its wonders. Tickets are $33.09 (that is not a typo), and reservations are recommended.

Taste of Lincoln Avenue                                                                  July 26-27

A music and food bonanza with over 250 vendors and live music every day, plus fun for kids. There is a $10 gate fee for the Taste of Lincoln Avenue. With rock, blues, folk, and country, you can experience a variety of music types. Get in the rhythm and enjoy your favorite type of live music.

Chicago in July

Chicago in July is one of those rare times when the beauty of the city and the amazing events you hear the rest of the year about come together in one cacophony of excellence. Take advantage of the month and check out all the great events in Chicago.

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