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One of the biggest draws to the city of Chicago is the McCormick Place convention center. During the summer they have events almost every weekend. Therefore, it is no surprise as the closest Chicago bed and breakfast that Welcome Inn Manor keeps a close tab on events at the convention center.

Since, so many of the events are not open to the public, we wanted to give you a condensed list of events happening at McCormick Place for tourists to visit. Here are a few of our favorites to visit over the next few months.

McCormick Place Events

Nike Tournament of Champions                           July 10-12th

For the basketball lovers, this is the tournament to watch in the summer while the Chicago Bulls are in the off-season. One of the largest amateur contests in the nation, and Chicago is one of many hosts for the event.

This season they expect up to 460 teams playing on 52 courts. Only the McCormick Place could fit so many players at once. While registration is closed, you can still watch the tournament.

Learn more about the tournament at Nike Tournament of Champions.

Rock & Roll Chicago Race Expo                            July 18-19th

Racers take your mark. This charity race, changed the game, by making long runners to start giving back more than $235 million to charity. Unlike other races, this one also has live bands and cheer teams (supporters). The idea is to create a race that is fun for people who always wanted to run, and using charity as a reason to participate in the race.

Learn more at the Rock & Roll Chicago Race Expo event page.home 04 Top Events At McCormick Place

North American Bitcoin Conference                   July 19-20th

Looking to speculate on the future of Bitcoin? Then you might be interested in joining the North American Bitcoin. Learn all about the positives and pitfalls of Bitcoins.

Disclosure: this is not an investment blog post. Investing in Bitcoins is at your own risk. We just tell you about the cool events you can check out.

Learn more at Bitcoin Chicago.

Antique Roadshow                                                   July 26th

This event is the only one listed that is not open to the public. The roadshow only wants to see people who share unique keepsakes. To do this, they have pre-registration requirements. However, if you have some really cool antique swag, then you might want to consider going onto the show to see how they can get for their prized items. Who knows what gems might be hiding in your attic, waiting for a big payday on the Antiques Roadshow?

Here is the event page for the Antiques Roadshow.

Arie Crown Theater

If nothing you like is going on at the McCormick Place, check out the adjacent Arie Crown Theater. This theater has a number of shows, concerts, and theatrical events throughout the year.

McCormick Events Thoughts

Finally, remember that a number of private events are held at McCormick Place as well. Many of them, like the Realtor Association and American Institute of Architects are professional groups that restrict access to professionals in the industry. However, if you are involved in these industries, you might want to take a look at the upcoming schedule for relevant professional groups in the area.

They hold a wide variety of events for professionals and hobbyists. The biggest question you need to answer is which event are you most interested in attending this summer? Let us know your favorite McCormick Place event in the comment section below!




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