Top 8 Chicago Breakfast Spots

A proper Chicago breakfast is all about getting a great start to your morning. To help you with that, we reviewed the top 10 Chicago breakfast spots in the city.

Ann SatherYou have not had a cinnamon bun, until you had Ann Sathers’ infamous cinnamon bun. They come in pairs and make breakfast one of your favorite meals of the day. If that is not enough to sate your appetite, then check out all of the different egg combos that they have on the menu. Ann Sather is in the heart of Lakeview and closes at 2 PM every day. This is because this restaurant is all about the breakfast and lunch crowd.

Ann Sather Top 8 Chicago Breakfast Spots

Manny’sWhile famous for their lunch fare, Manny’s deli also has an amazing assortment of breakfast options. This is classic cafeteria-style food from one of Chicago’s iconic blue-collar eateries.

Interurban CafeWhile this is more of a bakery than a break spot, we needed to discuss something very important to your diet – the Interurban Pop Tarts. They put Kellogg’s to shame. No chemicals here, just freshly baked pastries that will put a smile on your face.

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Nueva Leon – Maybe you fancy a traditional Mexican breakfast. Then this Pilsen restaurant is the place to go. Perhaps you would like some Chilaquiles (Scrambled Eggs with Fried Tortillas Bits, tomato, onion, and jalapeno pepper)? On the other hand, maybe you crave Machacado Con Huevo (Shredded steak scrambled with eggs and refried beans).

Either way, you cannot go wrong at Nueva Leon. They have been serving traditional Mexican breakfasts for the past 40 years and have it down to a science.

The Bongo RoomSimilar to Ann Sather. You have to appreciate the restaurants that are only open for breakfast and lunch. These places specialize in making your day start off just right. With some of the amazing combinations available at the Bongo Room, they truly deserve their outstanding reputation. From savory Tomatillo Salsa Scramble to the Sweet Meyer Lemon & Blackberry Hotcakes, The Bongo Room has your breakfast covered.

Lula CafeCelebrating their 15th anniversary, the owners of Lula Café still have all the right ingredients needed for a perfect breakfast. That is because Lula is a strong leader in the farm to table movement in Chicago. This Logan Square icon serve brunch with fresh farm eggs and porridge made from cornmeal ground at local mills.

Eleventh City DinerWhen a place serves breakfast all day long, then you know that the breakfasts must be yummy.Eleventh City Diner is an old-fashioned diner on the near south side that serves Name Your Omelet meals along with a litany of traditional Jewish delicacies. If you really want to kick it old school, check out the Lox Box.

YolkOne of the new “it” locations in Chicago. Sunday brunches at Yolk have lines that can last as long as an hour or two. As they say on the site, the restaurant is not just about the amazing foods, but the experience of eating at a Yolk restaurant. This award-winning venue started in 2006 and now has 5 locations all around Chicago, with a new location in Indianapolis.

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