Difference between Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

We had several calls recently from guests asking us at Welcome Inn Manor what the difference is between a hotel and a bed & breakfast. To help review the differences, we thought it would be good if we went through the ways a bed and breakfast is unique.

This should help you see why Welcome Inn Manor and many other bed and breakfasts are so special for guests who visit.

Five reasons a bed and breakfast differ from a hotel

Intimate- Why stay in a large, impersonal hotel hundreds or thousands of miles from your home? Instead, stay with a warm group of people who can be your little slice of family away from home. At Welcome Inn Manor, you are literally staying at our home. This is where we live, and it has been a home for the past 119 years.

Better meals– When you stay at Welcome Inn Manor, you know that we pride ourselves on are our homemade meals. Specifically, we cook breakfast and dinner for residents. While hotels might have kitchens, we have homemade recipes passed on to us by our family.

This means our meals taste more like home cooking.

Breakfast Dining Room Difference between Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

Personalized- A Chicago bed and breakfast like Welcome Inn Manor offers the personalized services for guests that a large, downtown hotel chain cannot do without residents incurring massive charges on their bill.

Everything from a luxurious living and dining room is at the disposal of guests to fireplaces in many of the rooms. Our three room University Quarters Family Suite even has three bedrooms, so a family of 6-9 people can stay in one room.

Insider Tips on Chicago- Angie and I are lifelong Chicago residents. We know Chicago like the back of our hand. We did not just arrive in Chicago three months ago to experience a new city, like most hotel workers.

We know the best restaurants, museums, and deals around the city.

Wi-Fi- were you aware that some hotels charge $13.95 per day for Wi-Fi? That is not acceptable, and part of the reason that Welcome Inn Manor includes this service for free with your stay.

Staying at hotel or bed and breakfast

While there are advantages to staying at both a hotel and a bed and breakfast, we know that most people prefer the warmth and comforts of a B&B. We have all the home comforts that people are used to having at their own home.

Do you agree or disagree with us? Let us know in the comments if you think Bed and breakfasts are better places to stay than hotels.