Start the New Years’ Right

Welcome to 2015! As we always like to start the every New Year on the right footing, Welcome Inn Manor has a few ideas to help you do this right.

Before that, we have a quick question for you. What is your 2015 New Year’s Resolution? Is it to travel more? The always popular ‘lose weight.’ Do you want to spend more quality time with your family?

Whatever your resolution is, we want to know. After all, how can we be welcoming to you, if we do not get to know you better? Leave us a message in the comment area below, or feel free to drop us a line to let us know.

Getting back to helping you start the New Years’ right. Here are a few of our favorite things happening in January in Chicago. Bundle up, because it’s cold. Fortunately, we have a lot of indoor activities you can do if you are not interested in doing the Polar Bear swim later this month.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra                                 January 2015

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is in full swing right now with a full session of performances every night until Spring. The CSO is located in the heart of the loop, and is a great refuge for those looking for a warm, culture experience during the cold winter months.

Brain-Art Initiative                                                   January 2015

This exhibit focuses on the power of the brain. Specifically, it looks at the advances being made from the funding of the BRAIN Initiative by President Obama for $100 million to answer the question, how do our minds work? Specifically the initiative looks into how they create consciousness, thought, and awareness. Finally, how do our brains help create society?

Chicago Boat, RV, and Sail Show                           January 14-18th

This is a merger of the two biggest Chicago winter water shows. The Chicago Boat, Sports, and RV Show merged with Strictly Sailing Chicago to show all of the best outdoor fun for those interested…Okay! Maybe the RV part is not water related, but everything else at the show is all water and outdoor fun.

Top mariners are on hand to help boaters enhance their knowledge of boating along with a sailing simulator and countless sailing seminars for new and experienced captains. They also have activities for the kids.

Adler after Dark                                                       January 15th

Conversely, if you want to leave the kiddies at home, the Adler after Dark event is for adults over the age of 21.This is a great way to experience the different parts of the Adler museum at night. This month the event will focus in on all things apocalypse. Before the world ends you might want to learn more.

The Adventures of Tapman                                     January 29-February 8th

Enjoy this interesting new production from new Chicago tap company Tapman Productions. This tapping superhero fights off his evil nemesis the MADD Tapper with the assistance of Hourglass and Modern Marvel. What an interesting combination of tapping, comedy, and comics.

Chicago Restaurant Week                                       January 30-February 12th

For 14 days, you get to taste a little piece of some of the best and most exotic dishes in Chicago for a discount. That is because the Chicago Restaurant Week provides food at a reasonable part for the 250 participating restaurants around the city. You do need to make a reservation in advance.

Get Your New Years Started


So much in life is not about what we buy, but about what we do and experience. Start creating your experiences early this year, so you can have a much life in 2015. Then let us know what your favorite event was, so we can pass it along to our readers. Put comments in the section below, to discuss your favorite way to start the New Year!