Maxwell Street Sandwiches

Maxwell Street sandwiches have garnered a legendary reputation over the past few years. From hot dogs to polish sausages to pork chopped sandwiches.

The original restaurants like Jim’s Original and The Express were located for years on Maxwell. The restaurants were moved a block over with the nearby University of Illinois at Chicago’s expansion. However, with the strong student interest

Also, Maxwell Street sandwiches derive from a long tradition of excellence. Early Italian immigrants brought over the sandwiches

Jim’s Original– The first Maxwell street polish sausage was from Jim’s Original in the late 1930’s. One of the two stands that was moved to Union street from the epic Halsted and Maxwell corner.

While they have moved locations over the years, they have not lost that original flavor that has driven a devoted following over the past 80 years.

Express Street-While Jim’s Original was the first polish stand in the area, Express street calls themselves the place of the original polish sausage. Their family recipe polish sausage comes with a side of free fries.

Maxwell Street Depot Dog-As well known for their pork chopped sandwiches as their polish sausages. While a little farther south than the other shops, they still make a great sandwich.

Lucky’s Sandwich Co.– Along with their amazing polish sausages, they also have a number of amazing Italian sandwiches like the Genoa Salami, Pastrami, and Capicola among other sandwiches. While a newcomer to Maxwell street, their food has become a valued part of the neighborhood’s cuisine.

They are famous for their Lucky’s challenge, where contestants have 1 hour to finish three of their meat sandwiches. Food Travel personality Adam Richman successfully took the challenge at their Wrigleyville location.

Even if you do not take Lucky’s challenge, you will enjoy the traditional Italian fare in the heart of Little Italy.

Maxwell Street Polish-An amazing polish place that rather reminds you of every good, down on the corner grease restaurant you ever visited. The polish sandwiches are legendary. Do not forget a side of greasy fries with a pop to make your meal complete. Maybe some tums, but your taste buds will forever thank you for the experience.

Maxwell Street Farmers Market– The final place we want to discuss is the Maxwell Street Farmers Market. While not your standard sandwich shop, they do have a number of amazing eateries at the market.

Additionally, you will find some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the city at the market. Vendors come in every week to sell their wares over the weekend. You will also find a number of deals on clothes, jewelry, toys, and trinkets. Be prepared to spend 3-4 hours at the farmers market.

The Beauty Of Maxwell Street

Over the years, Maxwell street developed from a regular neighborhood to a Chicago icon. However, many of the same great foods still exist for those interested in expanding their culinary palette.

For those who are interested, taste the birth of the polish sausage and revel in greasy fries that make your heart cry. While not safe for normal consumption, a few trips out to this area can never be a bad thing. Have a bite and then let us know your favorite Maxwell street sandwich in the comments below.

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