5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago Hotel

Chicago hotels are some of the finest establishments in the world. After all, the city does have world class hotels throughout the city. However, the one thing that you will not find in most Chicago hotels are personality.

Instead to find personality, you need to go to a Chicago bed and breakfast like Welcome Inn Manor. Now, this might be a little bit biased, but we truly believe that we have the greatest bed and breakfast in the city, if not the state of Illinois.

5 Things Missing From Chicago Hotels

Breakfast Dining Room 300x180 5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago HotelHome Cooked Meals-Forget over-priced room service. At Welcome Inn Manor, we provide you with home cooked meals. We have a simple continental breakfast in the morning, and can serve barbeque and other savory dishes in the evening. Plus, we also have arrangements with local restaurants in the area for special deliveries when you want to get a true taste of Chicago.

Friendly, Personalized Experience-We do not need a valet to give you world class service. Instead, our family owned bed and breakfast provides you with the personalized experience you would never receive in a hotel. When you walk into Welcome Inn Manor, you become part of the family.

Morning Drop Off. Every morning after breakfast, we drop you off wherever you want to go in the city. This way, you do not need to take a taxi or public transportation to get around the city. As lifelong Chicagoans, we know the city inside and out. Let us get you there faster with less stress.

Perfect place to bring in your family. Most hotels have amenities, we have human beings here to help you with your needs. Yes, we do have great private rooms, fireplaces, lounge areas, and more. However, people do not come to a bed and breakfast for that.

dinah washington painting 159x300 5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago HotelThey come, because you feel at home with your family. That is why the Welcome Inn Manor family invites yours family to join us. We have packages for families with 4-9 members. Ideal for a family reunion/vacation.

Regular host Chicago Jazz, Blues, and Rock musicians. Sure, you might have a piano playing in some high class Chicago hotels. However, if you really want to experience Chicago music culture you need some good old-fashioned Chicago Jazz.

At Welcome Inn Manor, we regularly hold private jazz, blues, and rock events. These are for the invited guests to come and enjoy in the confines of Welcome Inn Manor. We have the best and brightest local talent playing at bed and breakfast on a regular basis.

We don’t need no stinkin’ hotels

Ok! Pardon the Blazing Saddles reference, but we thought it was apt. To come to Chicago, you do not need no stinkin’ hotel. Instead, you should enjoy the fruits of your labor by kicking back to family made meals and a feeling of home. That is why we provide so many personalized benefits for staying at Welcome Inn Manor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 312-493-2953


Chicago Shuttle Services

car Chicago Shuttle ServicesPlanning a trip to the Chicagoland area anytime soon?  If there’s one thing that our fair city can brag about is that we have a plethora of activities that will fill the travel palate of even the most fickle of visitors.  Whether it be sporting events, restaurants of every variety, museums, live theater, ghost tours, etc., – we’ve gotchya covered with our Chicago shuttle services.  You’ll never be at a loss for things to do when you come here.

Buuuutttttt…(you know there’s always a ‘but’), there is one thing every tourist has to consider when they come to visit – how to get around?  Depending on where you’ll be staying, the commute from your hotel to where you want to go may involve more than just a quick walk.

As a large metropolitan city, the Chicagoland area has many attractions far beyond the city limits that many people will want to explore.

Getting to your favorite destination of choice is quite doable for everyone, and mode of transportation to get there is entirely up to you.  You can rent a car, catch a taxi, walk if where you are going is nearby, or take a train.  Another option that should be considered is shuttle bus service.

Shuttle bus services are offered by many tourist destinations and they can be a convenient option for many people.  Fortunately, with Welcome Inn Manor we already provide you with shuttle services to anywhere in the city. We have a drop off service in the morning, and for a small fee can pick you up in the afternoon.

Soldier Field is the home of the Chicago Bears and it is one place that thousands of people visit every year.  Located in close proximity to the Chicago Loop, you’ll find the area filled with people when the Bears are playing a game here at home. As the closest bed and breakfast to Soldier Field, we can provide you with transportation to and from the game with ease. That way, you do not have to worry about how to get home after shouting yourself hoarse for three hours saying, “Bear Down! Chicago Bears!”

Getting to Soldier Field and parking can be challenging no matter if you are a first time visitor or a seasoned local who has been there many times.  From traffic jams going in and coming out to the cost of parking your vehicle, you may desire better transportation options.

Shuttle service to Soldier Field are located conveniently around the city and suburbs.  In addition to the options available through the CTA and RTA bus services, many hotels, restaurants and other venues offer options for getting to and from the park.

As with all modes of public transportation, definitely remember to call ahead of time because you may need to make a reservation and schedules can and do change.  Arrive ahead of time to ensure that you get a good seat.

Chicago has many venues for those who enjoy visiting casinos.  Although there are many good choices as far as where to go, the only drawback can be getting to them.  Within city limits you won’t find a nearby place to play your favorite game of chance or even to drop a few coins in a slot machine.  For that kind of fun you’ll have to venture further away.

Shuttle bus service is an option that is available and one that you’ll want to think about.  The bus pickup and drop off locations are conveniently located.  You can find them in the Loop, suburbs and nearby neighborhoods.  They give you the advantage of letting someone else do the driving and you’ll save on parking and fuel costs because these buses are usually free of charge to ride.

One thing to consider at the same time though is that you’ll have to adhere to the schedule of the bus service.  Most of the time the buses pick up and drop off every two hours.  If you’re on a tight schedule make sure to check ahead of time with the driver to find out when to catch the bus that will return you back to where you’re staying.

The convenience of the shuttle bus services offered in Chicago include the convenience of not having to contend with parking issues, traffic jams and a lot of the costs of using your own vehicle.  At the same time there are some things that need to be kept in mind as well.

Any form of transportation available to the public means that you’ll be riding with folks from all different walks of life.  It goes without saying that you must keep a close eye on your belongings.  Just as you wouldn’t leave your purse unattended while shopping at the grocery store, never leave anything laying around while traveling.

free b and b services2 Chicago Shuttle ServicesAlways expect the unexpected when traveling in public.  Buses have been known to breakdown occasionally, some of the people you might share a seat with might have had a few drinks too many, seating can be uncomfortable at times and the temperature might not be to your liking.  Prepare ahead of time as best you can.

Like anything in life, Chicago shuttle services have their cons, but for the most part you should find the pros outshine them.  The convenience that they offer far outshine the few drawbacks that you might encounter.  The next time that you plan a trip to our fair city do yourself a favor and visit one of the many sites online that will keep you informed about not only transportation choices but also what’s going on all over the city including festivals, new restaurants, upcoming concerts and so on.  With a little upfront planning you will be treating yourself to the unforgettable experience known as Chicago.