What’s Happening in Chicago in July

We are in the heart of summer, and in Chicago that means good times. With so many events going on this month, it is hard to track them all. Here is a run-down of some of our favorite fairs, festivals, exhibits, and hang outs in Chicago this month.

Chicago July Event Calendar

Navy Pier Fireworks                                                                                     July 4fireworksanimation 13 What’s Happening in Chicago in July

Every year, Navy Pier puts on some of the best fireworks shows in the Midwest. This year will be no exception. Join in with thousands who will be there to watch the lights, and enjoy the carnival experience of being at Navy Pier. The Carousel was closed a few weeks ago, when I was there, but hopefully it will be open on the 4th.

Windy City Ribfest                                                                           July 4-6

If you like ribs, we have a surprise for you. Well, not so much a surprise as an annual tradition. The Windy City Ribfest is held in Uptown each year with “ribbers” coming in from across the nation to serve you BBQ. Bring you bib, and enjoy some of the best ribs in the city.

Taste Of Chicago What’s Happening in Chicago in July

Taste of Chicago                                                                               July 9-13

If we did not mention the Taste of Chicago, we would be doing a disservice to any Chicago tourists. This massive event attracts close to 2 million visitors every year. Grant Park gets taken over with a litmus of amazing Chicago cuisines and sharp tunes. While the prices at the Taste are a bit expensive, you really cannot go wrong with the selection available.

Chicago Tribune Art Fair                                                                July 11-13

This is the 23rd annual Chicago Tribune Art Fair.  Held downtown with over 450 artists’ stalls, 200 restaurants, and 50 hotels participating this year. For those interested in checking out some amazing art this is the place to be.

Chicago Craft Beer Festival                                                             July 19-20

The third annual Chicago Craft Beer festival is a celebration of the best in Chicago breweries. The microbreweries are out in full force, and for a small tasting fee you get to enjoy an amazing selection of beers.

Celebrate Clark Street                                                                      July 19-20

This Rogers Park festival of international music, ethnic foods, circus acts, arts and crafts, and kid friendly entertainment is a blast. A diverse crowd of 30,000 people attend Celebrate Clark Street. Even better, is that you can find food from Senegal, Greece, Latin America, and other regional delicacies.

Country Night Cruises                                                                     July 24, 26

The Spirit of Chicago has some of the best lake cruises at Navy Pier. They up their game at the end of July with their Country Night Cruises. Every night a new country singer croons as you eat and enjoy Lake Michigan with all its wonders. Tickets are $33.09 (that is not a typo), and reservations are recommended.

Taste of Lincoln Avenue                                                                  July 26-27

A music and food bonanza with over 250 vendors and live music every day, plus fun for kids. There is a $10 gate fee for the Taste of Lincoln Avenue. With rock, blues, folk, and country, you can experience a variety of music types. Get in the rhythm and enjoy your favorite type of live music.

Chicago in July

Chicago in July is one of those rare times when the beauty of the city and the amazing events you hear the rest of the year about come together in one cacophony of excellence. Take advantage of the month and check out all the great events in Chicago.

Top Events At McCormick Place

mc logo Top Events At McCormick Place

One of the biggest draws to the city of Chicago is the McCormick Place convention center. During the summer they have events almost every weekend. Therefore, it is no surprise as the closest Chicago bed and breakfast that Welcome Inn Manor keeps a close tab on events at the convention center.

Since, so many of the events are not open to the public, we wanted to give you a condensed list of events happening at McCormick Place for tourists to visit. Here are a few of our favorites to visit over the next few months.

McCormick Place Events

Nike Tournament of Champions                           July 10-12th

For the basketball lovers, this is the tournament to watch in the summer while the Chicago Bulls are in the off-season. One of the largest amateur contests in the nation, and Chicago is one of many hosts for the event.

This season they expect up to 460 teams playing on 52 courts. Only the McCormick Place could fit so many players at once. While registration is closed, you can still watch the tournament.

Learn more about the tournament at Nike Tournament of Champions.

Rock & Roll Chicago Race Expo                            July 18-19th

Racers take your mark. This charity race, changed the game, by making long runners to start giving back more than $235 million to charity. Unlike other races, this one also has live bands and cheer teams (supporters). The idea is to create a race that is fun for people who always wanted to run, and using charity as a reason to participate in the race.

Learn more at the Rock & Roll Chicago Race Expo event page.home 04 Top Events At McCormick Place

North American Bitcoin Conference                   July 19-20th

Looking to speculate on the future of Bitcoin? Then you might be interested in joining the North American Bitcoin. Learn all about the positives and pitfalls of Bitcoins.

Disclosure: this is not an investment blog post. Investing in Bitcoins is at your own risk. We just tell you about the cool events you can check out.

Learn more at Bitcoin Chicago.

Antique Roadshow                                                   July 26th

This event is the only one listed that is not open to the public. The roadshow only wants to see people who share unique keepsakes. To do this, they have pre-registration requirements. However, if you have some really cool antique swag, then you might want to consider going onto the show to see how they can get for their prized items. Who knows what gems might be hiding in your attic, waiting for a big payday on the Antiques Roadshow?

Here is the event page for the Antiques Roadshow.

Arie Crown Theater

If nothing you like is going on at the McCormick Place, check out the adjacent Arie Crown Theater. This theater has a number of shows, concerts, and theatrical events throughout the year.

McCormick Events Thoughts

Finally, remember that a number of private events are held at McCormick Place as well. Many of them, like the Realtor Association and American Institute of Architects are professional groups that restrict access to professionals in the industry. However, if you are involved in these industries, you might want to take a look at the upcoming schedule for relevant professional groups in the area.

They hold a wide variety of events for professionals and hobbyists. The biggest question you need to answer is which event are you most interested in attending this summer? Let us know your favorite McCormick Place event in the comment section below!




Chicago June Event Calendar

One of my favorite thoughts about Chicago is that summers in Chicago are so great, because the winters are so hard. Nothing could be truer, than this past winter of polar vortex’s and freezing weather. Therefore, with June’s packed event calendar, this should be another great summer.

However, instead of going dizzy with options, here are some of the best events in Chicago. If you are visiting Chicago with a limited time, then here are your “must see’s” for June.

Top Chicago Events

Millennium Art Festival                                                          June 1, 2014 (begins May 30)

If you love art, then you need to check out the Millennium Art Festival. Held in beautiful Millennium Park, this is a great way to visit a treasured part of the city and enjoy great pieces of art from Midwest artists. Additionally, the festival includes music and food as well. Great for sampling Chicago fare while listening to up and coming artists perform.

If you took a Chicago architecture tour, then finding the festival is a cinch. The festival is close to the Bean.

Festival del Taco                                                                     June 1, 2014 (begins May 30)

Not sure about you, but we love tacos at Welcome Inn Manor. Therefore, we do our best to attend the Festival del Taco at Kostner and 27th St. Eat tacos, and listen to live music. What could be better? RibfestChicago BOClogo2 300x71 Chicago June Event Calendar

One note: The event is free, but there is a suggested donation to cover event costs.

Ribfest Chicago                                                                                  June 6 – 8, 2014

If tacos are not your thing, then maybe you are a rib person. Then you have to check out the annual Ribfest in Chicago. Just a heads up! This event is always jammed packed. Be prepared to eat on the go, make sure you have plenty of napkins, and try not to inhale all the BBQ smoke goodness at once.

This Northside event is at Lincoln and Irving Park, and a block away from the Brown line.

Printers Row Lit Fest                                                                          June 7 – 8, 2014

Maybe food is not your thing while travelling. Perhaps you would like to read. Then the Printers Row Lit Fest is the place to be.

The only caveat to going is that you might need to lift weights in the weeks before the lit fest, so you can carry all your books back to your house. The deals are off the charts ridiculous.

Chicago Blues Festival                                                                                   June 13-15

Chicago is the birthplace of blues. Kokomo Arnold, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and other amazing artists dominated the Chicago blues scene for years. This is the annual tribute to Chicago blues. Hear the best of the best play on stage at Grant Park.

BluesBanner Chicago June Event Calendar

Chicago Bike Week                                                                                        June 13-20

This is an entire week devoted to biking. From encouraging bikers to ride to the Chicago Blues Festival to a final push on June 20th ride to work day, they have some great events if you enjoy biking around the city.

Note of caution: wear a helmet and obey the traffic laws. Accidents do happen, so rather be safe than sorry.

Laugh or Die Comedy Fest                                                                            June 20 – 22, 2014

At Carl Schurz High School on the North West side of the city, see independent comedy films, as well as live comedians onstage.

See both short and long independent comedy films plus live comedians onstage at the at Carl Schurz High School.

Tickets are $10 either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; or $25 for the weekend when you purchase online. If you purchase at the door, the price goes up $5-10 depending on the ticket you purchase.

Chicago Gospel Music Festival                                                                      June 27-29

The next three events are all happening around the same time. Choose carefully, because all of them are ridiculously fun.

The Chicago Gospel Music festival brings gospel singers and groups from across the country. A free event that is held in two locations: The Chicago Cultural Center (a remarkable building to check out) on the 27th and then on the weekend at Ellis Park on 37th and Cottage Grove.

Chicago Summerfest (formerly Chicago Country Fest)                                 June 28 – 29, 2014

If you want to vary your music a bit then head out on the weekend after a Friday at the Chicago Gospel Festival.

Chicago Summerfest is in Lincoln Park surrounded by the zoo and historical museum, you can experience over 20 hours of live music at Summerfest. Bring a blanket and picnic basket while you watch. Better yet, check out some of the food from the vendors. Suggested entry price is $5.

Chicago Pride Parade                                                                                     June 29, 2014 (noon)

Show your LGBT pride in a parade with 200 floats, wild costumed performers, and an enthusiastic crowd of only 800,000 people. The Chicago Pride Parade has grown over the past few years to epic proportions.

The parade runs along Broadway from Lawrence to Belmont. While the parade only lasts a few hours, events are held throughout the weekend around the parade.

Note: If you do not like wild, riled up crowds then do not attend this event.

Welcome To Summer In Chicago


You are here in Chicago at the right time of the year. Summer is coming at the end of the month, and it is shaping up to be a beautiful month. Enjoy the activities listed in this article. Let us know afterwards, which Chicago events you enjoyed the most.

Finding The Best Chicago Architecture Tours For You

Chicago has been a leader in architecture for over 100 years now. Ever since the days of Frank Lloyd Wright, Chicago’s architectural marvels have wowed the world. This is why you will find so many Chicago architecture tours around the city. So many buildings and skyscrapers to explore that a tour is almost required for those unfamiliar with this urban landscape of beauty.

However, the tours vary so widely. That is why Welcome Inn Manor sorted out the best architecture tours in Chicago.

Best Chicago Architecture Tours

Walking Tours

Chicago Loop Art & Architecture Walking Tour

Chicago Tours offers an interesting architecture and art walk. Not only do you get to see well-renown sculptures, like the Picasso statue in front of the Daley Center and the infamous CloudGate (commonly referred to as the Bean) sculpture in Millennium Park. Also, do not forget to go to Buckingham Fountain, also located in Millennium Park. Your best bet for seeing the fountain is late in the afternoon. That way, you can observe the amazing carvings on the fountain, and as the light fades watch the colored water shows.

Then sprinkle in some of the greatest architectural finds in the city, including the Chicago Cultural Center (a good place to check out later on in your trip) and the Thompson Center (State of Illinois’s weird glass dome structure). Along the way, you will see the skyscrapers that have made an indelible impression on the city’s growth.

Free Chicago Loop Highlight Tour

One of the new trends in tourism are free walking tours of the city. Well, these tours are not exactly free, but we will discuss that in a second. Free Tours By Foot is one of the new breed of tours operators here in the US. In Europe these types of tours are all the rage.

This is not an architectural tour, but does highlight a lot of the city’s amazing architecture in the loop. Then at the end of the tour, you tip your tour guide based on how well you think they did. $10-15 tips per person are common for these tours, and are still cheaper than a number of other tour operations in the city. This is a walking tour, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes and be aware of the fact that this tour attracts a younger crowd. 

River Boat Tours

Chicago Architectural Cruise – Weekends and Holidays

Chicago architecture and art are just one part of the city. What is going downtown without checking out the Chicago river or lakefront. The iconic waterways of downtown Chicago add their own intrigue and amazement for visitors. Just look at the majestic Michigan Avenue Bridge and you can see an interplay between nature and commercial architecture.

As you travel down the river, you will see the Wrigley Building, Chicago Tribune, and many other historic buildings that have defined this Midwestern architectural mecca.

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Boat Tours

If Chicago Tours does not have any room, then you might want to take a river cruise with the Chicago Architectural Foundation. Their devotion to the Chicago Architectural scene is immense. Travel down the river with them, and go back in time as you see how Chicago led the development of the modern architectural era of skyscrapers and designs.

Chicago Architecture River Cruise

Viators operates the final river cruise tour. They go through the north and side branches of the river, also hitting Willis Tower and the East Bank club, as well discussing the history on the major events that formed the current Chicago skyline.


Self Guided Chicago Loop/Architecture Tour

Do you want to go at your own pace? Then Metro Walkz self-guided tour might be the best solution for you. If you hate being part of the tourist trap with 100 strangers, then you might want to consider exploring the city on your own. Metro Walkz can help you with self-guided

Enjoy Your Next Architectural Tour

Have fun exploring the Chicago treasures. Let us know what tour you decide to take, so we can verify what the best architectural tours in Chicago are right now.

Understanding Chicago Transit

How do you get around Chicago? Like most major metropolis’s, it can be a bit intimidating for visitors to the Windy City to figure out the best way to get around. However, understanding Chicago Transit is relatively simple.

In this easy to use guide, we want to go through how you can navigate the Chicago transit system with ease.

Chicago Transit Definitions

If you want to get around the CTA, then you have to speak the lingo first. You do not want to seem like a tourist walking the Chicago streets. Instead, we want you to fit in with Chicagoans. To do this, here are a few Chicago Transit terms to get you started.

“L”-These elevated tracks run through a good deal of the city.

The Loop-Instead of calling Chicago downtown, most of us refer to it as the Loop. The circular path defines the Loop that the Chicago trains take going around the downtown area.

CTA- The Chicago Transit Authority run bus and commuter train lines in the city.

CTA Train and Bus Trackers-Mobile apps you can use to track train and bus times.

Brown, Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Purple-the CTA uses a different color for each train line.

Ventra- The new CTA’s ticket system you use for paying for your CTA rides. One note here: Because they use SmartLink, if your credit cards are too close to the machine, the system might double swipe your card. Last time we heard, they still have not fixed this issue.

Sears Tower-What hacks call Willis Tower. This is not a CTA term, but something I needed to mention here.

Chicago Transit Examples

HoFast Moving Train Understanding Chicago Transit w does it work then? Well, let us give you some examples, so you can travel around the city with ease.

For example, you want to go from O’Hare to a Chicago White Sox game. That is easy; just take the Blue Line from O’Hare into the loop, where you get off at the Jackson stop. Take the Jackson Red Line train straight to Sox/35th station where you will be right in front of Cellular One (also called Comiskey Park).

Take this complicated example as well. How do you go from Midway to Devon and California? This area has amazing Indian food; however, the trains do not go that far north. You take the Orange line to the Loop. Switch at State Street Station, and get on the Brown line.

Then you take the Brown line to all the way up to the end of the line at Kimball. Fortunately, the Kimball station has buses right outside the station almost continually. Take the 81 bus up to Devon. You will have to walk about a block east to Thillens Stadium. There the 155 Devon bus goes east to California. Get out at California, eat food, and enjoy!

While all of this sounds scary, keep in mind that the entire city of Chicago is built on a grid system. Only a few streets go on a diagonal, and most of the time, you can figure out where you need to go by monitoring the street numbers. For example, Western is 2400 west. California is 2800 west.

If that does not work…

Then we recommend you check with Welcome Inn Manor to see how we can help you get to where you need to go on time without the stress. Mell and Angie are lifelong Chicago residents, who know the city inside out.

That is the reason they instituted their free Morning drop offs and shuttle services. They want to make sure CTA maps and jargon do not get in the way of having fun in Chicago.

Chicago Transit Graduation

Now that you have successfully gone through this article, you are ready to tackle the CTA. So, hop a train today and discover the city. Soon you will be the expert, helping new visitors to the city on how to read the CTA map. Let us know below if you have anywhere specific you want to go on the CTA. We will provide you with instructions on how to use Chicago transit system for your needs in the comments section of this post.

Chicago May Events

Spring is in the air, and that means the Chicago summer schedule is right around the corner. For now, however, let’s focus on what is happening in Chicago in May. Here are a few favorite events for tourists, as well as local Chicagoans.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra 251x300 Chicago May Events

Photo From Chicago Symphony Orchestra Website

Chicago Symphony Orchestra                                    Month of May

Are you looking for grown up entertainment for the evening? Then leave the kids at home and check out the schedule for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. They play almost every night, and have world famous composers, the Chicago civic orchestra, and classical music.

Art Institute of Chicago                                             Every Thursday evening in May

Every Thursday evening from 5-8 PM, the Art Institute of Chicago offers free admission to Illinois residents. The historic museum holds a range of exhibitions – from current collections like the Chicagoism gallery to world famous American collection (highlights include American Gothic, Nighthawks) to the Modern European wing with the famous A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.  The Art Institute is a Chicago icon, and definitely something to check out while you are here in the city. Even better, it is right next to Millenium Park downtown, so you can explore the downtown during the day, and then go into the museum after 5 PM for the free time on Thursdays.

American Beer Classic                                                May 10th

What could be more American than beer? An American Beer Classic with breweries from across the country showing off their latest and greatest suds. Tickets start at $60, but a night sampling beer does not sound too bad now, does it? Even better, the event is held at Soldier Field, so there is ample parking and public transportation nearby. A final note, let us know if you need our shuttle service to drive you there. Safety first!redwhitebluebordersmall 260x300 Chicago May Events

Chicago Craft Beer Week                                           May 15-25th

If a beer convention does not sate your taste buds, then you might want to attend the Chicago Craft Beer week held at various locations throughout the city. The 5th annual event includes breweries like

Goose Island, Monks Pub, and Lagunitas Brewing among other craft beers found in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers                       May 16-18th

The Cubs play their northerly neighbors in the middle of May. It should be a good match up. Hopefully, the Cubs will have found their way after an awful April start.

Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees               May 22-24th

If the northside grinds your gears, fear not! The Chicago White Sox are taking on the Bronx Bombers the following weekend at Comiskey. Get your tickets now, and enjoy the long standing rivalry between the Yanks and the Soxs.

Chicago Memorial Day Parade                                   May 24th

Honor the men and women who gave their life in defense of this country. The annual Memorial Day parade is one of the largest in the country, and has been celebrated every year since 1870.

Randolph Street Market Festival                                May 24-25th

Check out the antiques, and stay for the art and fashion show. The Randolph Street Market Festival has a little bit for everyone. They even have food and music for those inclined to do a jig with a hot dog in hand.

Getting The Most Out of May

With all of the events going on in the city, Chicago is the place to be in May. From street festivals and baseball games to parades, museum outings, and the opera; Chicago has something for everyone.

For those Welcome Inn Manor guests, we also understand that getting around in a strange city can be a bit confusing sometimes. So, let us know how we can help you experience all that Chicago has to offer. From shuttle services to free morning drops offs, we can help you get where you want to go in the city at your convenience.

Finally, feel free to share in the comment section, which is your favorite event in May?

Chicago Grant Park

IMAG0418 300x179 Chicago Grant ParkMy favorite Chicago attraction is Grant Park. No matter what the season is, there are always fun and interesting things to see or do. The park also provides a good opportunity to mingle not only with fellow tourists but locals as well.

In the summer, there are several festivals or concerts happening at any given time. The season opens with the Grant Park Music Festival, and lasts for three months. During this time, every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, a different artist or group performs at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion. The performers range from symphony orchestras, to acoustic musicians, to electronica DJs.

While the shows take place at night, most performers hold open rehearsals at noon. This enables workers from nearby buildings and offices to enjoy their lunch surrounded by good music, under a beautiful summer sky. Tourists, who may have other engagements in the evening, will also have the opportunity to see and hear the day’s artists even though it’s just a rehearsal.

For art lovers, the park has exhibits all year round. The last major exhibit was Jun Kaneko’s signature Dangos, which means rounded form or “dumplings” in Japanese. The exhibit ran for seven months, and allowed viewers to examine their environment and focus on a sense of scale and place. Previous exhibits have included Yvonne Domenge’s large-scale sculptures which were on display for most of 2012.

For those looking for a respite from city’s hustle and bustle, one can duck into the Lurie Gardens. Guided tours are available every day, and the garden’s offerings vary depending on the season. This five acre garden pays homage to the City’s motto, “Urbs in Horto”, or City in a Garden, which refers to the city’s transformation from a flat and marshy swamp to one of the biggest and most powerful cities in the country. The Lurie Garden is surrounded by 15 foot hedges that give the illusion of being in a secluded garden somewhere remote instead of downtown Chicago. There is a small stream that runs around inside the garden and adds extra tranquility to the space.

IMAG0424 300x179 Chicago Grant ParkAlso in the summer, the super music festival Lollapalooza is hosted on Grant Park grounds. This three day music extravaganza offers locals and tourists alike a chance to see over a hundred performers in a span of a weekend. For those who would rather cut a rug, the Spirit of Music Garden in the southern portion of the park offers a summer long dance festival. Every Wednesday night at 6, the event starts with the host dance instructors showing and teaching the guests the dance for that night. After an hour of teach and lead, the dance party starts and attendees get to show off the moves they’ve just learned.

Within weeks of Lollapalooza, the park also hosts the world-famous Taste of Chicago. This two week event is attended by up to a million people every year, and offers guests the chance to sample Chicago’s very diverse and multi-cultural culinary offerings. One can get anything from deep dish pizza, turkey legs, cheesecake, hotdogs, to soul food, all within one square mile. During this time, there are several musical performances scattered around the park as well.

However, it is not only during the summer that one gets to enjoy the beauty of the park. Come winter, an ice rink is opened on the grounds of Millennium Park. Access to it is free to the public, you only pay for skate rentals if you don’t bring your own.  The park’s trees are strung with Christmas lights, there are vendors selling mulled wine, hot chocolate, and spiced nuts; and the park is transformed into a veritable winter wonderland.

No matter what season you come, no matter what activities or interests you may have, Chicago’s Grant Park will always have something for you, and the best part is, most of the events are free. It’s Chicago’s way of welcoming guests to her beautiful front yard.


Try Out Chicago Boat Tours This Summer

Chicago River Boat 300x200 Try Out Chicago Boat Tours This SummerChicago is a city famous for its gorgeous lakefront. Every year hundreds of thousands of people come down to the city to marvel at its beauty and explore Chicago’s architectural wonders tucked in all corners of the city.

One of the most popular ways to see and appreciate the city’s skyline and unique architecture is by going on a Chicago boat tour. There are two kinds of tours offered in the city, a lakefront tour and a river cruise.

The lakefront tours usually depart from Navy Pier. These tours go up and down the lakefront and offer one of the best views of the city’s skyline. The boats that do these tours often double as a restaurant and bar, and make for a memorable experience. However these boats usually stay some distance from the shore, and while you can see the amazing skyline and the building that comprises it, you can’t really appreciate the details of the buildings. You get the bigger picture, but not the little things that make Chicago buildings special.

River cruises on the other hand, provides a more detailed and insightful history of the buildings. Majority of the cruises also do start at Navy Pier, but instead of going out into the lake, these boats make their way inward up the river. The guides on these tours do an amazing job of identifying the buildings of note that the cruise passes by and will provide a detailed commentary not only about the building’s history but also the details and stories that make the building unique.

Chicago’s river is famous for flowing backwards. It’s main artery flows west from the controlling works at Lake Michigan, and will go on to pass underneath Outer Drive of Lake Shore Drive, then past some of the major iconic Chicago streets like Columbus Drive, Michigan Avenue, and Wabash Avenue then through State, Dearborn, Clark, La Salle, Wells, and Franklin Street.

Off interest on this portion of the tour, is the Nicholas Melas Centennial Fountain right off McClurg Court. Every year between May and October, for 10 minutes of every hour, the fountain shoots an arc of water over the river. Further up the river, the boats will pass by the bridge spanning the world famous Michigan Avenue, on the northeast corner of which lies the site of Fort Dearborn. Today though, that is the site of Pioneer Court, NBC Plaza, Tribune Tower, and the Wrigley Building. The river then turns slightly to the south west between Michigan Avenue and State Street, passing by the Trump International Hotel and Tower, the Marina City, the Reid, Murdoch & Co. Building, and the Merchandise Mart

For boats that follow the south branch of the river, one will get to see the Boeing Company World Headquarters, the Civic Opera House, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Union Station and Willis Tower. A lot of the boats on this side of the river cruise end the tour at the base of Willis Tower, but some boats continue on southwards towards Chinatown and end at Ping Tom Memorial Park where it passes under the Chicago Landmark Canal Street railroad bridge.

Chicago Yacht 200x300 Try Out Chicago Boat Tours This SummerSome boats will then turn towards the north branch of the river right by Halsted Street, although this portion of the river is frequented more by kayakers than boat cruises. This portion of the river is lined with a mixture of residential neighborhoods, shopping areas, and the industrial area known as the Clybourn Corridor. Cortland Street Drawbridge, which was the first Chicago-style fixed trunnion bascule bridge, is also in the area, as well as Goose Island, a name synonymous to the favorite local beer.

Regardless of which type of architecture you’re interested in, or which side of Chicago you want to see, the river cruises provides you with the choice and opportunity to indulge on what you want. Most of the river cruises are less than $30.00 person, and for those on a tight budget, one can even opt for the quicker and cheaper $9.00 water taxi rides, though these do not have tour guides, the views are same stunning ones you’ll see on a guided tour. And if you’re lucky enough to be in town on a Wednesday or Saturday in the summers, you get the added bonus of a spectacular fireworks show.

Even better, get your own private boat tour. For $50 per person, Welcome Manor Inn has a private boat tour on a 54 foot yacht for up to 16 people. Bring your own snacks and BYOB, and enjoy the Chicago lake front on your very own boat.

If you have never been to the Windy City, then you need to experience the Chicago boat tours for yourself to get acclimated to the beautiful downtown area.