Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies!

When you think of Chicago pizza, most people think of the birthplace of deep dish pizza. A thick, filling pizza, which fills you up within two slices. Best eaten with friends and family, here are some of Welcome Inn Manor’s favorite places to get your beloved slice of pizza.

Your Favorite Chicago Pizza Places

 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Chicago Pizza– This Northside pizza place delivers early into the morning. In fact, Chicago Pizza is open every day from 11 AM – 5 AM for delivery, and have regular hours for their three locations. A true deep dish pizza company. Recently, the company started creating gluten free pizzas in addition to their traditional fare. They also ship pizzas across the country for those who out of state in the mood for some deep dish pizza.


 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Giordano’s-Based on a 200 year old recipe from Torino, Italy, Giordano’s one of the best ranked pizza spots in Chicago since opening in 1974. One of the cool new innovations they just came up with was a Giordano’s food truck. This new truck is traversing the city of Chicago to deliver piping hot, stringy cheese mini pizzas to Chicagoans in need of their pizza fix.


Lou Malnatis 300x102 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Lou Malnatis– Started in 1971, Lou Malnatis was one of the first major pizzerias to open in the suburbs of Chicago as well as in the city. The first Malnatis opened in Lincolnwood on St. Patrick’s Day. As Lou was fond of telling people, only an Italian would open an Italian restaurant in a Jewish suburb on an Irish holiday. Their deep dish pizza creations redefined the Chicago pizza market over the past forty years.

logo uno 300x145 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Pizzeria Uno- the true birthplace of the deep dish pizza. Ike Sewell created the first deep dish pizza in 1943. The creation was a hit with customers, and Pizzeria Uno soon ran out of space serving their customers. Instead of expanding, they bought the space across the street and created Pizzeria Due. They are not a franchise, so if you want to eat the original Chicago deep dish pizzeria, you will need to go to these downtown locations. On a side note, the only other location for this franchise was Su Casa, the Mexican restaurant they set up around the corner.

Gino’s East-Founded in 1966, when a few friends decided they were tired of traffic in the city. Gi    ginos east Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! no’s East has been a traffic destination for many hungry pizza pie lovers ever since.  The other thing patrons love is the fact that Gino’s East encourages customers to write graffiti style messages and etchings throughout the restaurant. A trademark at all Gino’s restaurants.

What type of pizza pie do you like?

Now that you have a few options, time for some pizza. Which pizzeria do you like best? Let us know, in the comments below, what your favorite Chicago pizza place is.

What Are the 7 Top Burgers in Chicago

In Chicago, a good burger and beer equates to a good time in the summer. With many local breweries and great burger joints, this should come as no surprise. However, not all burgers are created alike. Some imitation knock-offs will use frozen burgers, while others put no time and attention into their burger creations lumping on a bit of ketchup and withered pickles. Shocking, yet true!

Billy Goat Poster V3 765x1024 What Are the 7 Top Burgers in ChicagoNow, we might have an unbiased opinion, but nothing beats our summer Welcome Inn Manor brunches, which always include our world

famous, smoked turkey & eggs benedict on toasted/buttered pretzel bread with spicy hash brown.

However, we can help you find the top burgers in Chicago. To do this, we produced our burger hit list of places you need to check out.

7 Top Burgers in Chicago

Billy Goat Tavern– When you want to talk about traditional Chicago “cheezborgers” then this is your place. The Billy Goat is the home of the cheezborger, and the legendary home of Murphy the goat. The goat singularly known for cursing the Chicago Cubs since 1945. Go there as much for the history as the great burgers. The tavern is a tribute to Chicago’s colorful, culinary history.

Epic Burger– These burgers are just… Epic. What an apt name for this burger franchise. Even better is how they have every type of great burger imaginable. One of my personal favorites is the portabella mushroom burger. I had to double check that there was no meat inside, because it was so tasty.

H Dogs– Ok! So this might be a gourmet hot dog joint. They also create excellent gourmet burgers that are almost too big for you to wrap your hands around. Fresh ingredients, and playful combinations make this a hot place for hamburgers as well as hot dogs.


kumaburgerb 300x183 What Are the 7 Top Burgers in Chicago

Kumas Corner– This legendary Avondale bistro burger joint has attracted a huge amount of attention in its short history. The restaurant opened in 2005, but in this time Kumas has impacted Chicagoans ideas of a burger forever. Lines as long as three hours are not unheard of to taste their burgers. In fact, celebrities like Lady Gaga will even stand in line to eat their burgers.

Burger Bar-Locally crafted beers and great burgers; what else can you ask for in a burger joint? With Burger Bar, you get the traditional pub drinks with modern twists on your favorite foods.

Au Cheval– Without including Au Cheval, this list might not be complete. This loop burger joint is more sophisticated than most. Instead of a beer and burger, maybe a burger and shot of whiskey works for you. A professional crowd, looking for a classy burger.

Portillos-Sometimes you forget that Portillos has great burgers. After all, they are the home of the amazing hot dogs, beef sandwiches, crazy good salads, and a host of other amazing delights. Not to mention a chocolate cake that is out of this world. However, if it were not for the rest of the great food at Portillos more people would be discussing their burgers. Let’s start that conversation today.


Appreciating the Burger in Chicago


Chicago has some amazing burgers from your traditional grease spots to modern, luxury burgers. The key here is to find the right one for you. Then you can feel confident you are getting the top burger in Chicago.