Difference between Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

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We had several calls recently from guests asking us at Welcome Inn Manor what the difference is between a hotel and a bed & breakfast. To help review the differences, we thought it would be good if we went through the ways a bed and breakfast is unique.

This should help you see why Welcome Inn Manor and many other bed and breakfasts are so special for guests who visit.

Five reasons a bed and breakfast differ from a hotel

Intimate- Why stay in a large, impersonal hotel hundreds or thousands of miles from your home? Instead, stay with a warm group of people who can be your little slice of family away from home. At Welcome Inn Manor, you are literally staying at our home. This is where we live, and it has been a home for the past 119 years.

Better meals– When you stay at Welcome Inn Manor, you know that we pride ourselves on are our homemade meals. Specifically, we cook breakfast and dinner for residents. While hotels might have kitchens, we have homemade recipes passed on to us by our family.

This means our meals taste more like home cooking.

Personalized- A Chicago bed and breakfast like Welcome Inn Manor offers the personalized services for guests that a large, downtown hotel chain cannot do without residents incurring massive charges on their bill.

Everything from a luxurious living and dining room is at the disposal of guests to fireplaces in many of the rooms. Our three room University Quarters Family Suite even has three bedrooms, so a family of 6-9 people can stay in one room.

Insider Tips on Chicago- Angie and I are lifelong Chicago residents. We know Chicago like the back of our hand. We did not just arrive in Chicago three months ago to experience a new city, like most hotel workers.

Staying at hotel or bed and breakfast

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While there are advantages to staying at both a hotel and a bed and breakfast, we know that most people prefer the warmth and comforts of a

B&B. We have all the home comforts that people are used to having at their own home.

Do you agree or disagree with us? Let us know in the comments if you think Bed and breakfasts are better places to stay than hotels.

We know the best restaurants, museums, and deals around the city.

Wi-Fi- were you aware that some hotels charge $13.95 per day for Wi-Fi? That is not acceptable, and part of the reason that Welcome Inn Manor includes this service for free with your stay.


5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago Hotel

Chicago hotels are some of the finest establishments in the world. After all, the city does have world class hotels throughout the city. However, the one thing that you will not find in most Chicago hotels are personality.

Instead to find personality, you need to go to a Chicago bed and breakfast like Welcome Inn Manor. Now, this might be a little bit biased, but we truly believe that we have the greatest bed and breakfast in the city, if not the state of Illinois.

5 Things Missing From Chicago Hotels

Breakfast Dining Room 300x180 5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago HotelHome Cooked Meals-Forget over-priced room service. At Welcome Inn Manor, we provide you with home cooked meals. We have a simple continental breakfast in the morning, and can serve barbeque and other savory dishes in the evening. Plus, we also have arrangements with local restaurants in the area for special deliveries when you want to get a true taste of Chicago.

Friendly, Personalized Experience-We do not need a valet to give you world class service. Instead, our family owned bed and breakfast provides you with the personalized experience you would never receive in a hotel. When you walk into Welcome Inn Manor, you become part of the family.

Morning Drop Off. Every morning after breakfast, we drop you off wherever you want to go in the city. This way, you do not need to take a taxi or public transportation to get around the city. As lifelong Chicagoans, we know the city inside and out. Let us get you there faster with less stress.

Perfect place to bring in your family. Most hotels have amenities, we have human beings here to help you with your needs. Yes, we do have great private rooms, fireplaces, lounge areas, and more. However, people do not come to a bed and breakfast for that.

dinah washington painting 159x300 5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago HotelThey come, because you feel at home with your family. That is why the Welcome Inn Manor family invites yours family to join us. We have packages for families with 4-9 members. Ideal for a family reunion/vacation.

Regular host Chicago Jazz, Blues, and Rock musicians. Sure, you might have a piano playing in some high class Chicago hotels. However, if you really want to experience Chicago music culture you need some good old-fashioned Chicago Jazz.

At Welcome Inn Manor, we regularly hold private jazz, blues, and rock events. These are for the invited guests to come and enjoy in the confines of Welcome Inn Manor. We have the best and brightest local talent playing at bed and breakfast on a regular basis.

We don’t need no stinkin’ hotels

Ok! Pardon the Blazing Saddles reference, but we thought it was apt. To come to Chicago, you do not need no stinkin’ hotel. Instead, you should enjoy the fruits of your labor by kicking back to family made meals and a feeling of home. That is why we provide so many personalized benefits for staying at Welcome Inn Manor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 312-493-2953


7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast Home

Parlor Room 7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast HomeAre you tired of staying at an impersonal hotel in Chicago? Do you have trouble finding the right Chicago bed and breakfast to suit your needs?

Then stop your search. We have a bed and breakfast that we want you to call home during your next stay.

Staying in Chicago should be like coming home. As lifelong residents of the Windy City, we believe it is our responsibility to make this possible for all the city’s guests. That is why we felt that Welcome Inn Manor should be a Chicago bed and breakfast with a homespun feeling.

Over the years, we have spent a lot of time making sure that we can provide all the comforts of home to fit your needs.

Why we are your Chicago Bed and Breakfast Home

First, Welcome Inn Manor is a Queen Anne historic home built in 1893. Instead of putting you up in a stuffy hotel, we give you a real Chicago bed and breakfast as home. The reason being is that it has been a home for over 120 years.

Welcome Inn  0427 7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast HomeSecond, every morning we offer a hot breakfast to all of our guests. We also serve fruits and fresh juice every morning as well. Our goal is to provide you with the relaxing start to your day that you would normally feel if you were home. However, with a bit more service and less rushing! Take your time enjoying your meal.

Third, do not stay crowded up in your room, as you would in a hotel. Instead, enjoy access to our common rooms with plush leather sofas, fireplaces, and good conversation. Many of our guests’ favorite memories are falling asleep in our comfortable couches after a long day of exploring Chicago.

If that is not enough, consider the fact that we have a Wii for your kids, as well as flat screens in every room. We also have free Wi-Fi in case you need it.

Fourth, how often do you see a hotel offering free shuttle service to anywhere in the city? That is what we do every morning at Welcome Inn shuttle3 7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast HomeManor. Let us know where you want to go. We can get you onto the Mag mile in 12 minutes.

Welcome Inn Manor is also the closest Chicago bed and breakfast to the McCormick Convention center and the University of Chicago, and are close to Navy Pier, US Cellular Field, Millennium Park, and many other iconic Chicago treasures. Let us know where you want to go today?

Fifth, you can have your choice of top rooms. Choose from our seven special rooms, each with their character and personality. From the intimate Rosenwald and Lady D Suites to our University Quarters family suite, we have a bed that works for you.

Sixth, which reminds us. We don’t like stuffy beds that most hotels use. That is why we only use Serta Fontana Pillowtop beds with 600 count linens for the bed.

Seventh, we take care of the little touches. In addition to the pillows, we provide you with embroidered towels, as well as our Welcome Inn Manor signature soap, shaving cream, and shampoo.

Then we provide every room with our vintage Welcome Inn Manor bottle of wine.

What our guest say

However, don’t take our word for it. Here are what some of our recent guests have said.

“My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Welcome Inn Manor. The experience was outstanding. The Inn has a very warm ambiance, the decor is fabulous and the Inn keepers were attentive to our every need and request. The food was FABULOUS, and the hospitality and conversations we had with the Innkeepers was off the chain! We highly recommend the Welcome Inn Manor as an alternative to hotel accommodations in the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We have wonderful memories and made lasting friendships and will be returning as often as possible.”

Vanessa Williams-Lewis

We spent a few days last week at the Welcome Inn Manor bed and Breakfast. We chose the location because it had spacious common area and in proximity of the things we wanted to do which included the Shedd Aquarium, Planetarium, Museum of science and Industry and more, including getting a good Chicago Pizza. We were pleased with the price and also the fact that we traveled by car and did not have to pay extra for free street parking. This was a big savings in itself.

Bill Koehne

Welcome Inn Manor, Welcome Home

If you would expect it at your house, expect it here at ours. That is how we have run Welcome Inn manor, since we opened in 2009.

It is no less than you should expect of any Chicago bed and breakfast. Let us welcome you into our home today. Call us at 312-493-2953



History of the Bed and Breakfast

Bed And Breakfast 300x200 History of the Bed and BreakfastToday a modern traveler faces a proliferation of shelter options available. From the luxurious penthouse suite to the five star accommodations of an upscale hotel to the more modest local motel room – the lodging choices are as diverse as those seeking places to stay. We can learn about all these different options today from the history of the bed and breakfast.

Throughout history it’s been a common practice to provide shelter and a meal to traveling strangers. It wasn’t unusual for people to open their doors to someone arriving in the middle of the night that might not have anywhere else to stay. The accommodations were usually modest but that wouldn’t matter to a weary visitor.

Travel in days gone by was not what it is today. The idea of a family vacation or a quick getaway for the weekend was completely unheard of at the time. Beyond soldiers and religious pilgrims most people stayed put in the area that they lived in.

With the advent of the railroad system travel practices started to change. An increasing number of hotels and inns started popping up to cater to the needs of those on board. Innkeepers knew these folks would need somewhere to stay, so they strategically placed their accommodations in close proximity to the train stops.

Like everything else in life, travel continued to change and evolve. What started out as a rare opportunity restricted to those better off, gradually changed to a more widespread practice available even to the average person. Modern industrial practices and the strength of the U.S. dollar after World War II only served to create a surge in travel opportunities for everyone. The ‘outside’ world was no longer a place that most people were cut off from.

One of the hottest destinations for the post World War II family was Europe. Reconnecting with one’s roots and accessing the historical places that one only read about in books was suddenly attainable.

It was during this time that many Americans became acquainted with the European B&Bs. These establishments offered a more personal type of lodging experience along with a friendly ambience that most travelers took to immediately. Additionally, the B&Bs of Europe offered a more economically friendly venue for those on a budget.

Inspired by what they experienced in Europe, the traditional B&B was imported here albeit with an American touch. Not to be confused with their foreign counterparts, American B&Bs are usually found to be more upscale and lavish establishments. Whereas in Europe you can expect the B&B to traditionally be a more modest and budget friendly option, American venues are in the same price range as many fancy hotels.

As the contemporary B&B has continued to evolve, many owners have gotten quite creative with their offerings. What was once simply a place to spend the night and enjoy a hot breakfast waiting for you in the morning has now emerged as a focal point for recreational opportunities. Depending on what today’s travelers are interested in, there are a myriad of possibilities to choose from. Tennis courses, horseback riding, hiking and boating are only some of the activities offered by modern, upscale B&Bs. All one has to do is look around for what they desire to do and there is sure to be a B&B offering exactly that.

To make the B&B experience even more interesting, many owners now operate them out of interesting and sometimes strange locations. It’s not unusual to find a B&B that is operated out of a castle, historical building or even a boat!

It’s really interesting to look back and see how travel accommodations have changed over the years. Seeing how things have evolved over the years, one cannot help but wonder how the contemporary innkeeper will strive to make their patrons’ experience even more enjoyable and diverse than what is on offer today.

For those who’ve never had the pleasure of spending time at a B&B, have you ever thought about what you’d expect if you chose to spend the night at one? The internet is filled with readily available information outlining all of the different B&B options. Why not take some time to check them out? You will be pleasantly surprised by all of the travel adventures waiting for you next time you decide to stay at a B&B.