5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago Hotel

Chicago hotels are some of the finest establishments in the world. After all, the city does have world class hotels throughout the city. However, the one thing that you will not find in most Chicago hotels are personality.

Instead to find personality, you need to go to a Chicago bed and breakfast like Welcome Inn Manor. Now, this might be a little bit biased, but we truly believe that we have the greatest bed and breakfast in the city, if not the state of Illinois.

5 Things Missing From Chicago Hotels

Breakfast Dining Room 300x180 5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago HotelHome Cooked Meals-Forget over-priced room service. At Welcome Inn Manor, we provide you with home cooked meals. We have a simple continental breakfast in the morning, and can serve barbeque and other savory dishes in the evening. Plus, we also have arrangements with local restaurants in the area for special deliveries when you want to get a true taste of Chicago.

Friendly, Personalized Experience-We do not need a valet to give you world class service. Instead, our family owned bed and breakfast provides you with the personalized experience you would never receive in a hotel. When you walk into Welcome Inn Manor, you become part of the family.

Morning Drop Off. Every morning after breakfast, we drop you off wherever you want to go in the city. This way, you do not need to take a taxi or public transportation to get around the city. As lifelong Chicagoans, we know the city inside and out. Let us get you there faster with less stress.

Perfect place to bring in your family. Most hotels have amenities, we have human beings here to help you with your needs. Yes, we do have great private rooms, fireplaces, lounge areas, and more. However, people do not come to a bed and breakfast for that.

dinah washington painting 159x300 5 Things You Will Not Find In A Chicago HotelThey come, because you feel at home with your family. That is why the Welcome Inn Manor family invites yours family to join us. We have packages for families with 4-9 members. Ideal for a family reunion/vacation.

Regular host Chicago Jazz, Blues, and Rock musicians. Sure, you might have a piano playing in some high class Chicago hotels. However, if you really want to experience Chicago music culture you need some good old-fashioned Chicago Jazz.

At Welcome Inn Manor, we regularly hold private jazz, blues, and rock events. These are for the invited guests to come and enjoy in the confines of Welcome Inn Manor. We have the best and brightest local talent playing at bed and breakfast on a regular basis.

We don’t need no stinkin’ hotels

Ok! Pardon the Blazing Saddles reference, but we thought it was apt. To come to Chicago, you do not need no stinkin’ hotel. Instead, you should enjoy the fruits of your labor by kicking back to family made meals and a feeling of home. That is why we provide so many personalized benefits for staying at Welcome Inn Manor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 312-493-2953


Chicago Event Calendar for August

As we head into the last month before school starts, let’s make sure we get as much out of the month as possible. Here is your jam packed Chicago event calendar for August.

Millenium Park Workouts

Every Saturday participate in the lawn workouts down in Millenium Park. This runs until September 6th.  Every morning they start at 7 with Tai Chi, then every hour following have Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba®.

workouts Chicago Event Calendar for August

Chicago Farmers Markets                          August 7

Summers in Chicago mean Farmers markets. With markets spread out across the city, most neighborhoods will have their own markets. Discover the local produce that farmers around the Midwest bring to Chicago to enjoy fruits, vegetable, flowers, and more. This is your chance to get fresh produce right off the truck.

Lincoln Park Zoo Adults Night Out            August 8

Ever want to go the Lincoln Park zoo without the kids? Then this is your evening. A full evening of fun activities, bars, and animal expert chats. Explore the zoo without the massive crowds.

hot dog fest Chicago Event Calendar for August

Chicago Hot Dog Fest                                 August 9

The second annual Chicago hot dog fest happens at the Chicago History Museum. A fun time with multiple hot dog vendors, beer, and live music. Plus, you have the beautiful Chicago History Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo around you. How can you go wrong?

Blue Man Group                                         Throughout august

While not solely an august event, what better time to watch men in blue entertain you through their eclectic comedy and musical style. They are one of the most innovative groups in the world, and you have the chance to watch them live in Chicago at the Briar Street Theater where they have been playing continuously since 1997.

Chicago Air and Water Show                                  August 16&17

Have you ever wanted to see an F-22 raptor or a Marine MV-22 Osprey up close? This is your chance. The Chicago Air and Water show attracts millions every year, as they watch the Blue Angels in their famous diamond formation, the Golden Knights parachute acrobatics, and many other aeronautical wizards.

AWBanner14 Chicago Event Calendar for August

Taste of Greektown                                                  August 23

The 25th annual Greektown fest has great Greek food, games, belly dancers, and bands. This annual tradition happens in the heart of Greektown on Halsted just west of the loop. Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine and entertainment. This year will also debut a new fine arts theater.

Chicago Jazz Festival                                                August 28-30

This free event held in Millenium park will have some Jazz greats, such Terence Blanchard, Rufus Reid, Gary Burton, Dave Holland, Cecile McLorin Salvant and the Sun Ra Arkestra. Held over Labor Day weekend, four days of smooth jazz to welcome in the school season.

African Festival of the Arts                                      August 29-September 1

This is the 25th annual festival honoring African history and culture. Dancing, storytelling, and workshops will highlight African heritage.

What are you doing in August?

With so many options, the biggest question is what are you doing in August? Chicago has so many different great events that figuring out the best ones for you to go to each week can be nerve racking. Let us know below then if you have any questions about the Chicago events happening in August? Then enjoy!



Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies!

When you think of Chicago pizza, most people think of the birthplace of deep dish pizza. A thick, filling pizza, which fills you up within two slices. Best eaten with friends and family, here are some of Welcome Inn Manor’s favorite places to get your beloved slice of pizza.

Your Favorite Chicago Pizza Places

 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Chicago Pizza– This Northside pizza place delivers early into the morning. In fact, Chicago Pizza is open every day from 11 AM – 5 AM for delivery, and have regular hours for their three locations. A true deep dish pizza company. Recently, the company started creating gluten free pizzas in addition to their traditional fare. They also ship pizzas across the country for those who out of state in the mood for some deep dish pizza.


 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Giordano’s-Based on a 200 year old recipe from Torino, Italy, Giordano’s one of the best ranked pizza spots in Chicago since opening in 1974. One of the cool new innovations they just came up with was a Giordano’s food truck. This new truck is traversing the city of Chicago to deliver piping hot, stringy cheese mini pizzas to Chicagoans in need of their pizza fix.


Lou Malnatis 300x102 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Lou Malnatis– Started in 1971, Lou Malnatis was one of the first major pizzerias to open in the suburbs of Chicago as well as in the city. The first Malnatis opened in Lincolnwood on St. Patrick’s Day. As Lou was fond of telling people, only an Italian would open an Italian restaurant in a Jewish suburb on an Irish holiday. Their deep dish pizza creations redefined the Chicago pizza market over the past forty years.

logo uno 300x145 Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! Pizzeria Uno- the true birthplace of the deep dish pizza. Ike Sewell created the first deep dish pizza in 1943. The creation was a hit with customers, and Pizzeria Uno soon ran out of space serving their customers. Instead of expanding, they bought the space across the street and created Pizzeria Due. They are not a franchise, so if you want to eat the original Chicago deep dish pizzeria, you will need to go to these downtown locations. On a side note, the only other location for this franchise was Su Casa, the Mexican restaurant they set up around the corner.

Gino’s East-Founded in 1966, when a few friends decided they were tired of traffic in the city. Gi    ginos east Get Your Chicago Pizza Here! Hot Pizza Pies! no’s East has been a traffic destination for many hungry pizza pie lovers ever since.  The other thing patrons love is the fact that Gino’s East encourages customers to write graffiti style messages and etchings throughout the restaurant. A trademark at all Gino’s restaurants.

What type of pizza pie do you like?

Now that you have a few options, time for some pizza. Which pizzeria do you like best? Let us know, in the comments below, what your favorite Chicago pizza place is.

What Are the 7 Top Burgers in Chicago

In Chicago, a good burger and beer equates to a good time in the summer. With many local breweries and great burger joints, this should come as no surprise. However, not all burgers are created alike. Some imitation knock-offs will use frozen burgers, while others put no time and attention into their burger creations lumping on a bit of ketchup and withered pickles. Shocking, yet true!

Billy Goat Poster V3 765x1024 What Are the 7 Top Burgers in ChicagoNow, we might have an unbiased opinion, but nothing beats our summer Welcome Inn Manor brunches, which always include our world

famous, smoked turkey & eggs benedict on toasted/buttered pretzel bread with spicy hash brown.

However, we can help you find the top burgers in Chicago. To do this, we produced our burger hit list of places you need to check out.

7 Top Burgers in Chicago

Billy Goat Tavern– When you want to talk about traditional Chicago “cheezborgers” then this is your place. The Billy Goat is the home of the cheezborger, and the legendary home of Murphy the goat. The goat singularly known for cursing the Chicago Cubs since 1945. Go there as much for the history as the great burgers. The tavern is a tribute to Chicago’s colorful, culinary history.

Epic Burger– These burgers are just… Epic. What an apt name for this burger franchise. Even better is how they have every type of great burger imaginable. One of my personal favorites is the portabella mushroom burger. I had to double check that there was no meat inside, because it was so tasty.

H Dogs– Ok! So this might be a gourmet hot dog joint. They also create excellent gourmet burgers that are almost too big for you to wrap your hands around. Fresh ingredients, and playful combinations make this a hot place for hamburgers as well as hot dogs.


kumaburgerb 300x183 What Are the 7 Top Burgers in Chicago

Kumas Corner– This legendary Avondale bistro burger joint has attracted a huge amount of attention in its short history. The restaurant opened in 2005, but in this time Kumas has impacted Chicagoans ideas of a burger forever. Lines as long as three hours are not unheard of to taste their burgers. In fact, celebrities like Lady Gaga will even stand in line to eat their burgers.

Burger Bar-Locally crafted beers and great burgers; what else can you ask for in a burger joint? With Burger Bar, you get the traditional pub drinks with modern twists on your favorite foods.

Au Cheval– Without including Au Cheval, this list might not be complete. This loop burger joint is more sophisticated than most. Instead of a beer and burger, maybe a burger and shot of whiskey works for you. A professional crowd, looking for a classy burger.

Portillos-Sometimes you forget that Portillos has great burgers. After all, they are the home of the amazing hot dogs, beef sandwiches, crazy good salads, and a host of other amazing delights. Not to mention a chocolate cake that is out of this world. However, if it were not for the rest of the great food at Portillos more people would be discussing their burgers. Let’s start that conversation today.


Appreciating the Burger in Chicago


Chicago has some amazing burgers from your traditional grease spots to modern, luxury burgers. The key here is to find the right one for you. Then you can feel confident you are getting the top burger in Chicago.

The Difference Between a Hotel and a Bed and Breakfast

king room 2012 bed1 The Difference Between a Hotel and a Bed and BreakfastThe travel industry is a big business sector. From corporate executives to families to senior citizens – people from every walk of life travel for business, pleasure or both.

One of the major components when planning a trip away from home is the question of where to stay.  Depending on the destination, the options for where to stay can vary from hotels to motels to a Bed and Breakfast (B&B). Choices can be as diverse as the travelers themselves.

Over the years B&Bs have grown in popularity.  The unique experience and the homely atmosphere draws in those who prefer accommodations that tend to be cozier and more personal.

The differences between a B&B and a hotel range from small subtleties to being almost complete opposites. Let’s take a closer look at what some of those differences are.

Hotels offer more room availability and can accommodate large groups.  Most hotels tend to be part of a chain so they can lack the personal touch.  Travelers usually do not have an opportunity to interact with the owner or get to know the staff very well, if at all.

The quality of the room and dining options will depend on the type of hotel it is.  The more luxurious the more they tend to offer as far as amenities are concerned.  Diverse meal options, room service, a concierge on duty, and valet parking are just a few of the amenities offered by upscale hotels.

A Bed and Breakfast gives the traveler a more hands on, personal experience.   Accommodations include a room in the owner’s home that usually comes with a private bathroom.  As the name suggests, breakfast is part of the package.  Meals are usually prepared in an open kitchen environment by the owner.Welcome Inn  0548 The Difference Between a Hotel and a Bed and Breakfast

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast allows guests to socialize with the people in the house in a more laid back fashion.  Usually there is a common room where guests can watch TV and mingle if they so choose.  Depending on the size of the home and the number of guests, staff usually consists of only the owners and perhaps one or two others.  This can vary depending upon the season too.

When surveyed, travelers have shared that one of the things that they enjoy very much about the B&B experience is the availability of amenities that are included in the price of their room.  It’s not just a delicious breakfast but also things like bottled water in their room, parking and wifi.  Things like this influence a traveler’s decision when it comes to choosing where they wish to stay while they are away from home.

Bed and Breakfasts Versus Hotels

Ultimately where a person chooses to stay will depend upon the preferences of that individual.  There really is not a good or bad choice but rather what the desired experience is.  Fortunately there are plenty of resources online that can give anyone who is planning a trip the information they need to make the best choice for themselves.

What’s Happening in Chicago in July

We are in the heart of summer, and in Chicago that means good times. With so many events going on this month, it is hard to track them all. Here is a run-down of some of our favorite fairs, festivals, exhibits, and hang outs in Chicago this month.

Chicago July Event Calendar

Navy Pier Fireworks                                                                                     July 4fireworksanimation 13 What’s Happening in Chicago in July

Every year, Navy Pier puts on some of the best fireworks shows in the Midwest. This year will be no exception. Join in with thousands who will be there to watch the lights, and enjoy the carnival experience of being at Navy Pier. The Carousel was closed a few weeks ago, when I was there, but hopefully it will be open on the 4th.

Windy City Ribfest                                                                           July 4-6

If you like ribs, we have a surprise for you. Well, not so much a surprise as an annual tradition. The Windy City Ribfest is held in Uptown each year with “ribbers” coming in from across the nation to serve you BBQ. Bring you bib, and enjoy some of the best ribs in the city.

Taste Of Chicago What’s Happening in Chicago in July

Taste of Chicago                                                                               July 9-13

If we did not mention the Taste of Chicago, we would be doing a disservice to any Chicago tourists. This massive event attracts close to 2 million visitors every year. Grant Park gets taken over with a litmus of amazing Chicago cuisines and sharp tunes. While the prices at the Taste are a bit expensive, you really cannot go wrong with the selection available.

Chicago Tribune Art Fair                                                                July 11-13

This is the 23rd annual Chicago Tribune Art Fair.  Held downtown with over 450 artists’ stalls, 200 restaurants, and 50 hotels participating this year. For those interested in checking out some amazing art this is the place to be.

Chicago Craft Beer Festival                                                             July 19-20

The third annual Chicago Craft Beer festival is a celebration of the best in Chicago breweries. The microbreweries are out in full force, and for a small tasting fee you get to enjoy an amazing selection of beers.

Celebrate Clark Street                                                                      July 19-20

This Rogers Park festival of international music, ethnic foods, circus acts, arts and crafts, and kid friendly entertainment is a blast. A diverse crowd of 30,000 people attend Celebrate Clark Street. Even better, is that you can find food from Senegal, Greece, Latin America, and other regional delicacies.

Country Night Cruises                                                                     July 24, 26

The Spirit of Chicago has some of the best lake cruises at Navy Pier. They up their game at the end of July with their Country Night Cruises. Every night a new country singer croons as you eat and enjoy Lake Michigan with all its wonders. Tickets are $33.09 (that is not a typo), and reservations are recommended.

Taste of Lincoln Avenue                                                                  July 26-27

A music and food bonanza with over 250 vendors and live music every day, plus fun for kids. There is a $10 gate fee for the Taste of Lincoln Avenue. With rock, blues, folk, and country, you can experience a variety of music types. Get in the rhythm and enjoy your favorite type of live music.

Chicago in July

Chicago in July is one of those rare times when the beauty of the city and the amazing events you hear the rest of the year about come together in one cacophony of excellence. Take advantage of the month and check out all the great events in Chicago.

Top Events At McCormick Place

mc logo Top Events At McCormick Place

One of the biggest draws to the city of Chicago is the McCormick Place convention center. During the summer they have events almost every weekend. Therefore, it is no surprise as the closest Chicago bed and breakfast that Welcome Inn Manor keeps a close tab on events at the convention center.

Since, so many of the events are not open to the public, we wanted to give you a condensed list of events happening at McCormick Place for tourists to visit. Here are a few of our favorites to visit over the next few months.

McCormick Place Events

Nike Tournament of Champions                           July 10-12th

For the basketball lovers, this is the tournament to watch in the summer while the Chicago Bulls are in the off-season. One of the largest amateur contests in the nation, and Chicago is one of many hosts for the event.

This season they expect up to 460 teams playing on 52 courts. Only the McCormick Place could fit so many players at once. While registration is closed, you can still watch the tournament.

Learn more about the tournament at Nike Tournament of Champions.

Rock & Roll Chicago Race Expo                            July 18-19th

Racers take your mark. This charity race, changed the game, by making long runners to start giving back more than $235 million to charity. Unlike other races, this one also has live bands and cheer teams (supporters). The idea is to create a race that is fun for people who always wanted to run, and using charity as a reason to participate in the race.

Learn more at the Rock & Roll Chicago Race Expo event page.home 04 Top Events At McCormick Place

North American Bitcoin Conference                   July 19-20th

Looking to speculate on the future of Bitcoin? Then you might be interested in joining the North American Bitcoin. Learn all about the positives and pitfalls of Bitcoins.

Disclosure: this is not an investment blog post. Investing in Bitcoins is at your own risk. We just tell you about the cool events you can check out.

Learn more at Bitcoin Chicago.

Antique Roadshow                                                   July 26th

This event is the only one listed that is not open to the public. The roadshow only wants to see people who share unique keepsakes. To do this, they have pre-registration requirements. However, if you have some really cool antique swag, then you might want to consider going onto the show to see how they can get for their prized items. Who knows what gems might be hiding in your attic, waiting for a big payday on the Antiques Roadshow?

Here is the event page for the Antiques Roadshow.

Arie Crown Theater

If nothing you like is going on at the McCormick Place, check out the adjacent Arie Crown Theater. This theater has a number of shows, concerts, and theatrical events throughout the year.

McCormick Events Thoughts

Finally, remember that a number of private events are held at McCormick Place as well. Many of them, like the Realtor Association and American Institute of Architects are professional groups that restrict access to professionals in the industry. However, if you are involved in these industries, you might want to take a look at the upcoming schedule for relevant professional groups in the area.

They hold a wide variety of events for professionals and hobbyists. The biggest question you need to answer is which event are you most interested in attending this summer? Let us know your favorite McCormick Place event in the comment section below!




7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast Home

Parlor Room 7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast HomeAre you tired of staying at an impersonal hotel in Chicago? Do you have trouble finding the right Chicago bed and breakfast to suit your needs?

Then stop your search. We have a bed and breakfast that we want you to call home during your next stay.

Staying in Chicago should be like coming home. As lifelong residents of the Windy City, we believe it is our responsibility to make this possible for all the city’s guests. That is why we felt that Welcome Inn Manor should be a Chicago bed and breakfast with a homespun feeling.

Over the years, we have spent a lot of time making sure that we can provide all the comforts of home to fit your needs.

Why we are your Chicago Bed and Breakfast Home

First, Welcome Inn Manor is a Queen Anne historic home built in 1893. Instead of putting you up in a stuffy hotel, we give you a real Chicago bed and breakfast as home. The reason being is that it has been a home for over 120 years.

Welcome Inn  0427 7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast HomeSecond, every morning we offer a hot breakfast to all of our guests. We also serve fruits and fresh juice every morning as well. Our goal is to provide you with the relaxing start to your day that you would normally feel if you were home. However, with a bit more service and less rushing! Take your time enjoying your meal.

Third, do not stay crowded up in your room, as you would in a hotel. Instead, enjoy access to our common rooms with plush leather sofas, fireplaces, and good conversation. Many of our guests’ favorite memories are falling asleep in our comfortable couches after a long day of exploring Chicago.

If that is not enough, consider the fact that we have a Wii for your kids, as well as flat screens in every room. We also have free Wi-Fi in case you need it.

Fourth, how often do you see a hotel offering free shuttle service to anywhere in the city? That is what we do every morning at Welcome Inn shuttle3 7 Reason Why We Are Your Chicago Bed And Breakfast HomeManor. Let us know where you want to go. We can get you onto the Mag mile in 12 minutes.

Welcome Inn Manor is also the closest Chicago bed and breakfast to the McCormick Convention center and the University of Chicago, and are close to Navy Pier, US Cellular Field, Millennium Park, and many other iconic Chicago treasures. Let us know where you want to go today?

Fifth, you can have your choice of top rooms. Choose from our seven special rooms, each with their character and personality. From the intimate Rosenwald and Lady D Suites to our University Quarters family suite, we have a bed that works for you.

Sixth, which reminds us. We don’t like stuffy beds that most hotels use. That is why we only use Serta Fontana Pillowtop beds with 600 count linens for the bed.

Seventh, we take care of the little touches. In addition to the pillows, we provide you with embroidered towels, as well as our Welcome Inn Manor signature soap, shaving cream, and shampoo.

Then we provide every room with our vintage Welcome Inn Manor bottle of wine.

What our guest say

However, don’t take our word for it. Here are what some of our recent guests have said.

“My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Welcome Inn Manor. The experience was outstanding. The Inn has a very warm ambiance, the decor is fabulous and the Inn keepers were attentive to our every need and request. The food was FABULOUS, and the hospitality and conversations we had with the Innkeepers was off the chain! We highly recommend the Welcome Inn Manor as an alternative to hotel accommodations in the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We have wonderful memories and made lasting friendships and will be returning as often as possible.”

Vanessa Williams-Lewis

We spent a few days last week at the Welcome Inn Manor bed and Breakfast. We chose the location because it had spacious common area and in proximity of the things we wanted to do which included the Shedd Aquarium, Planetarium, Museum of science and Industry and more, including getting a good Chicago Pizza. We were pleased with the price and also the fact that we traveled by car and did not have to pay extra for free street parking. This was a big savings in itself.

Bill Koehne

Welcome Inn Manor, Welcome Home

If you would expect it at your house, expect it here at ours. That is how we have run Welcome Inn manor, since we opened in 2009.

It is no less than you should expect of any Chicago bed and breakfast. Let us welcome you into our home today. Call us at 312-493-2953



Top 10 Chicago Dating Ideas

Who said Chicago romance is dead? Surely not, after you go through our ultimate list of romance hotspots in Chicago. Whether taking a girl out on a first date, or popping the big question these are the places you want to do it in Chicago.

Some of them are well-known historical parts of the city. Others are new, and ready to be shared by your beloved and you.

The 10 Best Chicago Dating Ideas

Navy Pier CruisesHave you ever wanted a romantic cruise on Lake Michigan? Then connect with the Navy Pier Cruise companies. A number of cruise companies call Navy Pier home. From simple architecture river tours to full service dining halls to private yachts, Navy Pier has the romantic Lake Michigan cruise you want for your special night.

Signature RoomOn the 95th floor of the John Hancock’s Signature Room site one of those perfect combinations of ambiance and beauty. Sip a cocktail as enjoy stunning views of the city.

Welcome Inn Manor seriously believes they have magical alcohol, because everything is top shelf liquor. Prices on drinks range from $15 and up, not including tip. They are worth it more than the cheap $8 beers at a ballpark.

Green MillDo you want to feel like a gangster in the Jazz era. Then treat your baby doll to a fab time in the Windy City at the Green Mill. This is an old haunt for Al Capone, and has some of the best jazz in the city.

Trump Towers Donald Trump is nothing if not controversial. However, even his biggest detractors agree on one thing. The Terrace at the Trump has one of the best views of the Chicago River and lake. In true Trump style, it is elegant and awe-inspiring at the same time.

Carriage Ride-The sheer number of marriage proposals that happen in a Chicago carriage ride would probably astound most people. Every year, you hear a few new stories about how he proposed on a carriage ride in the Gold Coast. Two of the best operators are Chicago Horse & Carriage and the Noble Horse Theater. Both provide a memorable experience for everyone on the trip. During the winter, they even include blankets and hot beverages.

Bottle & BottegaA cool new concept hit the Midwest recently: wine and art. For a nominal fee, you can drink wine and paint a fancy piece of artwork; while a professional artist shows you how to turn a sample picture into the one you are painting.

Lincoln Park Zoo Top 10 Chicago Dating IdeasLincoln Park Zoo– So far we have mentioned a number of premium places. However, what happens if you are on a budget. Fortunately we have some Chicago dating ideas for you. First off would be the Lincoln Park Zoo. This zoo has a free entry policy, and is located in the heart of Lincoln Park.

Millenium Park (Downtown Sound)Listen to free music at Millenium Park. Throughout the summer, a number of different events are being played.  If nothing is playing, then bring a beach towel and picnic basket for an enjoyable afternoon within walking distance of the Art Institute, Buckingham Fountain, The Bean, and Chicago Cultural Center.

Chicago Cultural Center Which brings up the next date spot. The Chicago Cultural Center always has great programs throughout the year. During the spring and summer make sure to check out their free weekly foreign movies. Every week is a new country’s top movie.

Chicago Theater In a horrible rip off of Hamlet, “The play’s the thing where you catch your love.” Most women love a night out at the theater. The right play is enjoyable to everyone, so look swanky on your way to the theater.

What is your Chicago dating idea?

We do not have a monopoly on great Chicago dating ideas. With so many great venues and options out there, we know that we missed a few gems along the way. So, let us know either your best dating story, or some Chicago dating ideas you have.

Chicago June Event Calendar

One of my favorite thoughts about Chicago is that summers in Chicago are so great, because the winters are so hard. Nothing could be truer, than this past winter of polar vortex’s and freezing weather. Therefore, with June’s packed event calendar, this should be another great summer.

However, instead of going dizzy with options, here are some of the best events in Chicago. If you are visiting Chicago with a limited time, then here are your “must see’s” for June.

Top Chicago Events

Millennium Art Festival                                                          June 1, 2014 (begins May 30)

If you love art, then you need to check out the Millennium Art Festival. Held in beautiful Millennium Park, this is a great way to visit a treasured part of the city and enjoy great pieces of art from Midwest artists. Additionally, the festival includes music and food as well. Great for sampling Chicago fare while listening to up and coming artists perform.

If you took a Chicago architecture tour, then finding the festival is a cinch. The festival is close to the Bean.

Festival del Taco                                                                     June 1, 2014 (begins May 30)

Not sure about you, but we love tacos at Welcome Inn Manor. Therefore, we do our best to attend the Festival del Taco at Kostner and 27th St. Eat tacos, and listen to live music. What could be better? RibfestChicago BOClogo2 300x71 Chicago June Event Calendar

One note: The event is free, but there is a suggested donation to cover event costs.

Ribfest Chicago                                                                                  June 6 – 8, 2014

If tacos are not your thing, then maybe you are a rib person. Then you have to check out the annual Ribfest in Chicago. Just a heads up! This event is always jammed packed. Be prepared to eat on the go, make sure you have plenty of napkins, and try not to inhale all the BBQ smoke goodness at once.

This Northside event is at Lincoln and Irving Park, and a block away from the Brown line.

Printers Row Lit Fest                                                                          June 7 – 8, 2014

Maybe food is not your thing while travelling. Perhaps you would like to read. Then the Printers Row Lit Fest is the place to be.

The only caveat to going is that you might need to lift weights in the weeks before the lit fest, so you can carry all your books back to your house. The deals are off the charts ridiculous.

Chicago Blues Festival                                                                                   June 13-15

Chicago is the birthplace of blues. Kokomo Arnold, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and other amazing artists dominated the Chicago blues scene for years. This is the annual tribute to Chicago blues. Hear the best of the best play on stage at Grant Park.

BluesBanner Chicago June Event Calendar

Chicago Bike Week                                                                                        June 13-20

This is an entire week devoted to biking. From encouraging bikers to ride to the Chicago Blues Festival to a final push on June 20th ride to work day, they have some great events if you enjoy biking around the city.

Note of caution: wear a helmet and obey the traffic laws. Accidents do happen, so rather be safe than sorry.

Laugh or Die Comedy Fest                                                                            June 20 – 22, 2014

At Carl Schurz High School on the North West side of the city, see independent comedy films, as well as live comedians onstage.

See both short and long independent comedy films plus live comedians onstage at the at Carl Schurz High School.

Tickets are $10 either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; or $25 for the weekend when you purchase online. If you purchase at the door, the price goes up $5-10 depending on the ticket you purchase.

Chicago Gospel Music Festival                                                                      June 27-29

The next three events are all happening around the same time. Choose carefully, because all of them are ridiculously fun.

The Chicago Gospel Music festival brings gospel singers and groups from across the country. A free event that is held in two locations: The Chicago Cultural Center (a remarkable building to check out) on the 27th and then on the weekend at Ellis Park on 37th and Cottage Grove.

Chicago Summerfest (formerly Chicago Country Fest)                                 June 28 – 29, 2014

If you want to vary your music a bit then head out on the weekend after a Friday at the Chicago Gospel Festival.

Chicago Summerfest is in Lincoln Park surrounded by the zoo and historical museum, you can experience over 20 hours of live music at Summerfest. Bring a blanket and picnic basket while you watch. Better yet, check out some of the food from the vendors. Suggested entry price is $5.

Chicago Pride Parade                                                                                     June 29, 2014 (noon)

Show your LGBT pride in a parade with 200 floats, wild costumed performers, and an enthusiastic crowd of only 800,000 people. The Chicago Pride Parade has grown over the past few years to epic proportions.

The parade runs along Broadway from Lawrence to Belmont. While the parade only lasts a few hours, events are held throughout the weekend around the parade.

Note: If you do not like wild, riled up crowds then do not attend this event.

Welcome To Summer In Chicago


You are here in Chicago at the right time of the year. Summer is coming at the end of the month, and it is shaping up to be a beautiful month. Enjoy the activities listed in this article. Let us know afterwards, which Chicago events you enjoyed the most.